World Green Roof Day 2022 @ world wide
Jun 6 all-day
World Green Roof Day 2022 @ world wide

Why World Green Roof Day?

Towns and cities globally are going green to adapt to climate change. Green roofs also provide vital wildlife habitat and make life better for everyone.

What is World Green Roof Day?

A celebration of green roofs all over the world and the many benefits they bring to people and nature.

How to be part of #WGRD2021

Share the green roof love on social media with images, events and gatherings.

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Online WEBINAR “FACADE GREENING – effects and basics for planning and implementation”
Jun 9 @ 16:00 – 17:00
Online WEBINAR "FACADE GREENING - effects and basics for planning and implementation"

– effects and basics for planning and implementation


Green facades are gaining more and more interest. Nevertheless, their positive impacts and benefit are strongly underrated, and experiences are not that well distributed. Therefore, experienced experts would like to introduce the audience to the technology and benefits of green facades, explain the basics for planning and implementation and show some good practice examples to motivate everyone to install more green walls all around the world.

update coming soon….

SFG Anniversary Conference “Green City of the Future” @ Congress Hotel Seepark
Jun 22 all-day

SFG Anniversary Conference “Green City of the Future”

SFG-Jubiläumstagung“Grüne Stadt der Zukunft“

On June 22, 2022, the swiss association of greening building (SFG) will celebrate its 25th anniversary with a day-long event on current issues in greening buildings.

Am 22. Juni 2022 feiert die SFG ihr 25-jähri-ges Jubiläum mit einem ganztägigen Anlass zu aktuellen Themen der Gebäudebegrünung.

Helfen Sie mit, die Zukunft zu gestalten -gemeinsam planen, debattieren, diskutieren wir, räumen mit gängigen Mythen auf, zeigen das Stadtbild von Morgen und wie die Klimaresilienz und das menschliche Wohlbefinden verbessert werden können.

Begrünte Gebäude sind von grosser Bedeutung und erfreuen sich einer zunehmenden Beliebtheit. Ihre Ökosystemleistungen wie Verdunstungskühlung, Verschattung und Retention haben eine regulierende Wirkung während Hitzeperioden oder bei Starkniederschlägen. Die Gebäudebegrünung hilft uns, aktuelle und zukünftige Herausforderungen wie Biodiversität und Wärmeinseln anzugehen, die Lebensqualität zu verbessern und die grüne Stadt der Zukunft aktiv zu gestalten.

Doch wie passt diese Vision in unsere wachsenden Städte und zur angestrebten Energiewende? Wie kann die Gebäudebegrünung in die Stadt- und Raumplanung integriert werden? Welche Rolle spielen die verschiedenen Akteur:innen wie Bund und Kantone, städtische Verwaltungen, Wissenschaft und Wirtschaft mit den unterschiedlichen Interessen und Motiven? Wie schaffen wir es gemeinsam eine klimaresiliente, enkeltaugliche und grüne Stadt der Zukunft zu schaffen?

Diskutieren Sie mit! Am 22. Juni 2022 machen wir uns gemeinsam auf den Weg.

Unser Schicksal hängt nicht von den Sternen ab,sondern von unserem Handeln.
William Shakespeare

Annual conference of European Network Of Urban Lab (ENOLL)
Sep 20 @ 09:00 – Sep 23 @ 18:00

OpenLivingLab Days 2022: “The city as a Lab, but now for real!”Re-working open innovation environments for inclusive, green and digital transition through emerging technologies

Participation to Enoll Days In Turin:
Call for Papers (Target: Research) –
Call for Workshop (Target: Practitioners) –
Call for Expo/Projects (Target: Project Coordinators – 9 sqm expo to be paid)
Possibility for the City of Turin to advise speakers

Open to any organization in Europe
Calls will close mid May 2022
Evaluation Committee will select papers and workshops
Results will be communicated before the Summer

Topics of the Event and of related calls:
Green & sustainable
Beyond the city

Oct 20 – Oct 21 all-day


The Bundesverband GebäudeGrün e.V. (BuGG) has its sights set on the next big event – and with the BuGG specialist congress “Solar-Green Roof” again a format and topic that has not yet been seen in this form!

The “solar obligation”, combination of photovoltaics and green roofs, as well as other topics (including manufacturing and maintenance costs, determination in development plans, potentials, product and system solutions) will be addressed at the BuGG Congress “Solar Green Roof” on 20 – 21.10.2022 in Berlin. Lecturers will discuss with planners, city representatives, industry representatives and other interested parties from Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

The lectures will be complemented by an accompanying exhibition to inform on the one hand and to stimulate networking and exchange on the other hand. BuGG members will present their product and system solutions. Interested universities, professional associations, experts and companies who want to participate are welcome to contact BuGG!

The congress will take place in Berlin as a face-to-face event and simultaneously online.

Further information on the content and schedule and registration options will follow in the next few weeks.

World Congress of Building Greening 2023
Jun 27 – Jun 29 all-day

World Congress Building Green 2023

The World Congress Building Green 2023 in Berlin is a multi-day event all about building greening (roof, facade and interior greening) with the accompanying topics (including urban climate, stormwater management, sustainability, future city). At the end of the congress there will be the opportunity to participate in excursions to special projects.
The World Congress is organized by the Bundesverband GebäudeGrün e.V. (BuGG) with the support of WGIN and EFB.

The largest congress on building greening ever held in Europe will offer, among other things:

  • over 100 speakers from different countries
  • over 40 exhibitors at the accompanying trade exhibition
  • over 20 cooperation and media partners (associations, organizations, institutions)
  • Knowledge transfer on greening buildings (roof, facade and interior greening)
  • Demonstration of best practice examples
  • Knowledge transfer by industry experts from Germany and abroad in parallel series of lectures and discussion rounds
  • Networking. Meeting point. Addressing new target groups
  • Cross-thematic exchange of experience between city representatives, architects, urban planners, urban water management experts, industry and real estate representatives, manufacturers, processors, researchers, associations, politicians and other interested parties