Welcome to the European Federation of Green Roof Associations

Welcome to the EFB - the organisation that brings Europe's green roof associations together.

The thirteen associations promote and encourage the uptake of green roofs and green walls in their countries to help address issues related to climate change, ecosystem services, green infrastructure and lack of green space in the built environment.

In the light of the launch of the European Green Infrastructure and Ecosystem Services Strategy the Federation regularly attends working groups and meetings in Brussels organised by the European Commission. This new approach to cities being promoted by the Commission gives the Federation an important role to play in the coming years.

To this effect the Federation is the principle sponsor of the 2nd European Urban Green Infrastructure Conference on 29-30 of November 2017 in Budapest, Hungary. First EUGIC was held in Vienna in 2015. We have also published the first ever Green Roof and Wall Market report [ pdf ].

Exemplar Projects