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Seminars & Trainings

Here you can find an overview of seminars, educational programs and trainings in the field of building greening.

CountryTitelDescription / TopicLanguage Link
AustriaQualifizierungsprogramm The green qualification program is an effective modular training system for all persons who want to complete a quality-assessed competence extension in the field of building greening (roof, façade and interior greening) and green/blue infrastructure in the context of buildings/settlements/townsGermanOnlineLink to the Course
BelgiumBuilding high quality Green roofs and wallsBuilding green roofs & walls - Building high quality Green roofs and wallsDutchPhysical presenceLink to the Course
EuropeNature-based Urban Regeneration Massive open online course (MOOC) - This course shares knowledge generated in urban Living Labs in Europe and China and will introduce you to co-designing, co-implementing and evaluating nature-based solutions for urban renewal with local communities. Learn how to set up your own nature-based regeneration strategy.EnglishOnlineLink to the MOOC
FranceDesigning greenroofsTechnical course about designing green roofsFrenchPhysical presenceLink to the Course
FranceHow to design and implement building green infrastructuresTechnical course on how to design and implement building green infrastructuresFrenchPhysical presenceLink to the Course
GermanyOrientierungs- bzw. FachkundeseminarSeminars on green roofs and facadesGermanOnlineLink to the Seminars
GermanyE01 Orientierungsseminar „Gebäudebegrünung“Basic seminar on green roofs and green facades - E01 Orientation Seminar "Greening Buildings"GermanOnlineLink to the Seminars
GermanyE01 OrientierungssemG01 Fachkundeseminar „Dachbegrünung“Specialised seminar - G01 Specialised seminar "Green Roofs"GermanOnlineLink to the Seminars
GermanyE01 OrientierungssemG02 Fachkundeseminar „Fassadenbegrünung“Specialised seminar - G02 Specialised seminar "Facade greening"GermanOnlineLink to the Seminars
GermanyV01 Vertiefungsseminar „Biodiversitätsgründach“In-depth seminar - V01 In-depth seminar "Biodiversity on Green Roofs"GermanOnlineLink to the Seminars
GermanyV02 Vertiefungsseminar „Solar-Gründach“In-depth seminar - V02 In-depth seminar "Solar Green Roofs"GermanOnlineLink to the Seminars
GermanyV03 Vertiefungsseminar „Retentionsgründach“In-depth seminar - V03 In-depth seminar "Retention Green Roofs"GermanOnlineLink to the Seminars
Germany[E01_EN] Introductory Seminar on Building GreeningConstruction and Vegetation Engineering of Buiding Greening
(Roof-, Facade- and Interior Greening).
More information will follow soon.
EnglishOnlineLink to the Seminar
Germany[G01_EN] Specialist Seminar on Green RoofsConstruction and Vegetation Engineering of Roof Greening.
More information will follow soon.
EnglishOnlineLink to the Seminar
Germany[G02_EN] Specialist Seminar on Facade GreeningConstruction and Vegetation Engineering of Facade Greening.
More information will follow soon.
EnglishOnlineLink to the Seminar
ScandinaviaGreen roofs - basic concept and useUniversity course - Green roofs - basic concept & useSwedishOnlineLink to the Course
SerbiaSusret na zeleno krovuGreen roof visit & meet-upSerbianPhysical presenceLink to the program
SerbiaGreen wall introIntro webinar - Green wall introEnglish & SerbianOnlineLink to the webinar
SpainCiudades verdesThis course develops the concept of Nature-Based Solutions (NBS) in urban design and planning as a tool to achieve healthy, resilient and sustainable cities. With this course, you will learn how these solutions can contribute to the restoration and rehabilitation of our spaces, providing a greater capacity to adapt and cope with the effects of climate change. In addition to acquiring concrete tools, you will be part of an extensive learning community made up of professionals from academia and public and private organizations. SpanishHybrid - Physical presence & onlineLink to the MOOC
SpainAgroecologia UrbanaSeminar - agroecologia urbanaSpanishOnlineLink to the Seminars
SwedenGreen Roof Summer Course Malmö Lectures on planning, systems, warehousing, installation and maintenance of extensive and intensive green roofs. Full-scale installation of a green roof at Augustenborg's botanical roof garden. Study trip in the Malmö region, including a guided tour of Eco-City Augustenborg and its unique sustainable open stormwater system. Workshops on substrates, planting, risk and safety etc.EnglishPhysical presence (on site)Link to the Course
UK DYI Green Roof GuideThis online guide is designed to meet the needs of DIY enthusiasts looking to put a green roof on a shed or outhouse, builders and landscaper contractors who want to build green roofs.EnglishOnlineLink to the training


The EFB started a series of online seminars to introduce the audience to various topics concerning green roofs and walls. These include important topics such as the combination of green roofs an photovoltaik, the impact on biodiversity, the succesful implementation of green infrastructure in various regions as well as the quality assurance of these.