Metabuilding – Cross-sectoral innovation Calls for SME´s


Cross-sectional and cross-border innovation ecosystem for European SME’s

H2020 METABUILDING (2020-2023)

METABUILDING offers financial support for innovation.
The METABUILDING project consortium will manage the open calls directed at SME’s that wish to engage in collaboration outside of their sector to bring innovation to the construction sector. Please follow this link to find out more information.

METABUILDING target sectors.
Innovation within the construction sector will be initially driven by outreach to 4  innovative and emerging industrial sectors; additive manufacturing, nature-based solutions, digital industry and circularity & recycling. Over time more and more sectors will be integrated to the innovation ecosystem.

METABUILDING target countries.
Learning from other countries through collaboration and knowledge sharing is, seen by the METABUILDING ecosystem as, integral to driving innovation. The METABUILDING project started out with 6 target countries; Austria, France, Hungary, Italy, Portugal, Spain. However, the METABUILDING platform is now open and expanding to other countries.

The METABUILDING consortium.
The consortium partners are institutions representing the 5 key sectors on  a European level.  The consortium includes national platforms and other stakeholders representing the construction sector and actively engaged in bringing innovation to the traditional built environment.

What is it about?

Goal: Run cross-sectoral innovation Calls for SME´s
(SEED: 10k, HARVEST: 50k and GROW: 80k for SME´s) in 6 Target countries.

  • Bring innovation to the “traditional” value chain of the Construction sector.
  • Expand to other sectors to create an enlarged Built Environment industrial sector.
  • Enable SMEs to internationalise their activities and reach European markets.
  • Support SME innovation providing a Digital Open Innovation Platform.