Project completed:

10/2011 –  09/2013


Project Content:

The greatest challenge facing the world today is climate change, requiring the development of new solutions. Europe’s leaders have committed to a 20% reduction in Carbon Emissions by 2020. This requires new solutions and partly drives the EU New Jobs – New Skills agenda.

The adoption of green roofs offers a wide range of benefits from their value to biodiversity, to providing extra insulation, extending the life of the roof, helping to filter certain dusts and pollutants from the air, moderating the urban heat island effect, slowing storm water runoff and creating new open green space for relaxation, to name but a few. Green roofs therefore contribute to reducing carbon emissions but require new skills.

A significant supply side barrier exists; traditionally, the construction of roofs has not required specialist horticultural expertise. Therefore, there are still too few people able to install and maintain a green roof. While the technology and material resources exist, skilled labour does not. This project addressed this situation directly by exporting the technical expertise and knowledge required to the UK. The project developed Level 2 (Technician) and Level 3 (Supervisory) Qualifications and gained accreditation so they became a sustainable publicly-funded provision, first in the UK, then across Europe.

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