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PRONATUR Naturación y Agricultura Urbana (ProNatur)

PRONATUR (Spanish Society for the Promotion of Nature in Urban and Rural Areas) is a non-profit and non-governmental organization. It was founded in April 1992 with the collaboration of IASP (Humboldt University Berlin).

The goal of PRONATUR is to promote and coordinate activities between University, Administration and firms for improvement of nature in urban environment with socioeconomic dimensions.

Some of the guidelines for PRONATUR are focused on:

– Greening buildings
– Green streets and open spaces in the city
– Quality environment (air, acoustic)
– Urban agriculture
– Health and recreation
– Integration of urban society

As a way to promote urban agriculture in 2012, it was founded in coordination with Foro Agrario the Observatory of Urban Agriculture

Current activities

Members of international institutions:
– 1999: Red Internacional de Ciudades en Naturación (RICEN) in coordination with IASP (Humboldt University Berlin)
– 2002: Member of the European Council for the Village and Small Towns (ECOVAST)
– Since 2010: Member of the board of Directors of WGIN (World Association)
– Since 2017 Member of the board of Directors of EFB (European Association)

National and international seminars and congresses:
– 1995. International seminar in Cottbus (Germany) at the Bundesgartenschau = BUGA
– 1999: International seminar in Madrid about “Bioclimatic Architecture and Urban Nature”
– Participation with IASP in the International Congress on Urban Greening and Agriculture in: Quito (Ecuador), Cartagena de Indias (Columbia), Cuba (Havana). Rio Janeiro (Brazil).
– Participation in the WGIN International Congress in: Toronto (Canada), Mexico DF (Mexico), Indore (India), Hangzhou (China), Nantes (France), Nagoya (Japan), Sydney (Australia), Bangalore (India).
– 2010: Contribution and discussion in the Urban and Peri-urban Agriculture and Urban Planning (FAO-ETC)
– Collaboration in international master courses about green cities sponsored by the EU at Chapingo University (Mexico).
– Postgraduate courses in bioclimatic architecture at the Faculty of Architecture in UPM.