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Asociația Constructorilor de Acoperișuri, Pereți și Fațade Verzi – Converde

The Romanian Association of Green Roof and Wall Constructors was founded in May 2023, the organization emerged after a prolonged period during which the founders individually endeavored to contribute to the development of Romania’s green roof and facade market. Their collective realization led to the establishment of a young and professional entity, recognizing that organized efforts are essential to achieving their objectives.

Despite Romania initiating green roof and facade construction 15 years ago, boasting approximately 400,000 m2 of green roofs and 10,000 m2 of green facades, the accurate inventory of these installations remains the task of the association.

The association is dedicated to making Romania greener and more sustainable by actively promoting the integration of green roofs and walls in urban areas. The mission revolves around implementing a new approach to utilizing urban spaces, consciously supporting the establishment of green areas on roofs and walls.

In pursuit of this mission, the organization strives to create a quality habitat for both people and animals, aiming to reintroduce biodiversity and nature into the urban environment. Committed to supporting professionals in the field, the association works towards integrating international regulations and standards on green roof and facade construction into Romanian legislation. This ensures constructive and consistent guidelines for the construction and performance assessment of green spaces, ultimately promoting investment in quality green infrastructure.

The association also aims to initiate proposals for legislation encouraging investment in green building through governmental and fiscal programs. This approach is expected to stimulate the adoption and implementation of green solutions, ensuring the sustainable development of the sector.

In close collaboration with architects, developers, and municipalities, the association actively works to integrate green infrastructure into building designs and urban planning. However, it underscores that the integration of green practices into legislation is of paramount importance in this regard.

Facilitating knowledge exchange is vital to the cause, allowing the association to share insights and experiences with others while learning from opinion leaders in this niche field of urban greening.