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Zöldtető- és Zöldfal Építők Országos Szövetsége (ZEOSZ)

ZEOSZ (National Division of Green Roof and Green Wall Contractors) is now a subdivision of the Association of Hungarian Landscape Contractors (MAKEOSZ). The two, originally independent organizations have just merged into a new, larger federation by the beginning of this year (2019), with over 70 contractor members, plus system manufacturers, technical schools, universities, consultants, etc. on board, in order to foster municipalities make their cities greener and healthier all around Hungary. ZEOSZ has been promoting green roofs and green walls for 20 years now, from media appearances through professional trainings and education to lobbying for local- and country regulations.
Its latest big achievement is the release of the first ever Hungarian green façade and green wall guideline for architects, landscape architects and decision-makers (2017). The new green roof guideline is about to follow by 2020.

Another noticeable market development is the first ever Hungarian municipality who announced green roofs being mandatory in the entire 12th district of Budapest, for all new and renovated flat roofs. ZEOSZ was contracted as their main consultant. Thanks to this, with some other progressive regulations, and the dynamic growth of the Hungarian economy, both green roof and green wall markets are growing exponentially in the last 3-4 years. Hungary now has over 3 million m2 green roofs, and about 200 living walls, mostly made by a new generation of specialized contractors and trained technicians.