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Bundesverband GebäudeGrün e. V. (BuGG)

Bundesverband GebäudeGrün e.V. (BuGG) is a merger of the two previously independently acting well-established associations Deutscher Dachgärtner Verband e.V. (DDV) and Fachvereinigung Bauwerksbegrünung e.V.(FBB).
Joining forces into one strong association aims at avoiding double work and investments, and with joined competences of both associations we can act in a more targeted way and increase our impact. BuGG operates both as professional organisation and advocacy group for companies, communities, universities, organisations and all parties interested in building greening (green roofs, green walls and interior greening).

At present, BuGG has about 330 members from various trades and industries that are busy with green roofs, green walls and interior greening. As a primary target, BuGG aims at presenting the advantages and possibilities of building greening in front of the widest audience possible. Acting as federal association Bundesverband GebäudeGrün e.V., we have opportunities to create a positive framework and environment „pro green“ that are closed to individual companies.


• Increasing the building greening market (increase of direct and indirect funding, building greening must be taken as granted)
• BuGG is the first contact partner in building greening
• Working on image and public relations of building greening
• Initial information and argumentation for architects and building owners
• Technical competence, professional brochures, comments on guidelines
• Market knowledge: data, facts and figures on the German market
• Exchange of experiences and cooperation with neighbouring associations („cross-association Alliance on Building Greening“), including the German speaking associations from Austria and Switzerland
• Networking services, exchange of experiences
• Practical working aids for members

Strengths and success modules of BuGG

Members from different sectors of green roofs, green walls and interior greening. A multitude of opinions and ideas allow a broad exchange of experiences, and an extensive coverage of wide range of topics
• Project groups, foreign affairs, scouts, ambassadors
• Fact sheets on various fields of specialisation
• Working brochures on various topics, e.g. Safe Trade Separation, Basics of Green Roofs,
Guidelines for Local Authorities, Municipal Green Roof Strategies)
• List of root-proof membranes and coatings (“WBB-list”)
• Yearbook Building Greening
• Discussion sheet „Nationwide Strategy on Building Greening“
• Cooperation with other trade associations, e.g. BGL, ZVG, BDLA, BDA, DGNB, DWA
• Collaboration with and contacts to policymakers
• Newsletter (GebäudeGrün-eNews)
• Professional website (including blog and social media):
• Green Roof Symposium in Ditzingen (since 2003), Green Wall Symposium, Interior Greening Symposium and nationwide seminars Green Roof Forum throughout Germany, International Congress on Building Greening in Berlin
• Presence at trade fairs GaLaBau, Nürnberg and Grünbau/Bautec, Berlin
• Research projects
•BuGG contributes to FLL guidelines since many years
• Annual BuGG Green Roof, Green Wall, Interior Greening Awards
• Trade magazine „GebäudeGrün” (previously Dach + Grün; 4 issues p.a.)
• Market report: annual figures published (internal member survey and survey of cities and communities)

Subsidies in Germany

Dachbegrünung (Green roofs)