Association des toitures et façades végétales (ADIVET)

Established in 2003, Adivet is a nongovernmental, non-profit organization to promote all national activities of green roofs (extensive, semi-intensive and intensive) and green façades. The association brings together the key players in the green roof and green wall industry (manufacturers, waterproofing and landscaping contractors, professional associations, etc.). It recently expanded to encompass the green wall industry, a sector in which many of its members have been present for several years.
Concerning the green roofs, the hard work and dedication of the association and its members in recent years, (training/ information/ experimentation) has resulted in a boom in green roofs in France, with more than one million square meters installed in 2011. Adivet is also recognized as a reference organization in its field and is co-editor of the French Professional Standards for Green Roofs and Terraces, together with the UNEP (National Union of Landscaping Companies) and the CSFE (French Waterproofing Association).

City Programs

– Cities involved in green roofs/green façades:

  • Paris (Plan Local d’Urbanisme, Plan biodiversité)
  • Lyon
  • Grenoble

– National environmental process « Grenelle de l’environnement», launched by former president Sarkozy, and still working.