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Belgische Federatie voor Gevel en Dak Groen

Founded in 2018, the federation reunites around 70% of of contractors of green roof and green walls in Belgium. The federation is lead by a board meeting every two months and guided by a member committee every four months.

Mission and current status

The mission is to improve the quality and the public awareness of green roofs and green walls in the construction market. To achieve this, several specialized committees focus on determine qualifications of the different layers and the relation between. For that, it’s focusing on existing European quality requirements, current scientific knowledge and external input of experts. It’s aiming to develop general standard requirements by the end of 2019 in order to dessiminated these requirements to architects and other stakeholders. Parallel to this, first steps are taken to organize a quality label and the assessment systems of it in order to encourage contractors and architects to aspire for qualitative green roofs and green walls. Current and future research projects are supported in order to close knowledge gaps of regional-related topics and in European programs. Regional projects on the promotion of green roofs (and wider aims as biodiversity) are supported. The federation acts also as an intermediate organ between the members and the government for topics as the drought of 2019.