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Belgische Federatie voor DAK en GEVELgroen

Founded in 2021.

Mission and current status

The mission of the BFDG is to increase the quality and awareness of green roofs and green walls in the construction market and improve the quality and reputation of green roofs and green facades in the construction market.

To achieve this, various specialised committees focus on determining the qualifications of the various layers and the relationship between them.

The focus is on existing European quality requirements, current scientific knowledge and external expert input. The goal is to establish general standard requirements in a quality charter that is endorsed by all our members. Having your project realised by one of our members therefore means a much lower risk of a disappointing result. In time, we will also link an assessment system to our quality label, to encourage contractors and architects to strive for high-quality green roofs and green facades.

We actively participate in a number of ongoing research projects and are happy to put our expertise at the service of partners such as universities, colleges, governments and other federations.
The BFDG is the Belgian representative of the European Federation EFB. In addition to our national knowledge, we also draw on the expertise of international colleagues.

Chairman: Simon Perneel

Vice President: Dirk Van De Waeter

Secretary: Yves Dehondt