Green Roof Market overview

Green Market Report Overview

Developing green infrastructures in the urban areas is a huge, long-term investment that needs very strong commitment from policy-makers, public and private investors on city, national and European levels. A valid market report will show the growing importance of the greening sector and will support key decision-makers to proceed with their greening strategies.

The European Federation of Green Roofs and Walls (EFB) and the Innovation Lab GRÜNSTATTGRAU  set up a mutual market research initiative to generate a comprehensive market report for the greening industry. The NBS Associations in Europe are currently working on their countries’ reports:

United Kingdom – UK Green Market Report 2019

Germany – BuGG-Market Report on Building Greening 2020 , BuGG-Market Report on Building Greening 2021

Austria – Austrian Green Market Report 2021

Czech Republic – Czech Green Market Report 2021

More country reports are planned for publishing in the future as well as generated European Report.