International Green Roof and Walls Conference in Prague

Green roofs and facades – trends and synergies

Green roofs provide a range of benefits not only to the building owner and user, but also to society as a whole. They provide an efficient way of managing rainwater, heat savings, contribute to improving the urban microclimate or reducing the urban heat island effect. Last but not least, they serve as an aesthetic element of a building or a place of residence. Approaches to roof greening around the world have been changing recently, with new concepts emerging such as biodiverse green roofs, biosolar green roofs of blue-green roofs. These new concepts also correspond to new technologies and approaches to roof and facade greening. The main goal of the conference is to raise awareness among responsible representatives of municipalities and government officials in cities and municipalities, as well as the professional public, about new trends in the field of greening roofs and walls of buildings as one of the adaptation measures to climate change.

The conference is aimed at representatives of the state administration, municipalities, designers, construction and gardening companies, developers.

Topics of the conference:

  • Green roofs and biodiversity
  • Green roofs and photovoltaics
  • Green roofs and rainfall
  • Green facade


9:00 – 9:30 Registration of participants
9:30 – 16:00 Specialized lectures
16:15 – 17:30 Presentation of the awarded works in the Green Roof of 2022 competition and announcement of the results

Date: 8th September 2022
Location: Auditorium of the Czech University of Agriculture in Prague – Kamýcká 129, 165 00 Praha – Suchdol

Registration fees

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Introduction, situation in the Czech Republic
Ing. Pavel Dostal, Chairman of the Council of the Professional Sec􀆟on of Green Roofs, Vice President in the international organization European Federation of Green Roof Associations – EFB, managing director of the
company GreenVille service s.r.o. /

Green roofs on the path to carbon neutrality
Lecturer: Dusty Gedge, (UK)
President of an international organisation European Federation of Green Roof Associations – EFB, Member of the Board of Directors Green Roof Organisation (GRO), expert on green roofs and urban green infrastructure,
photographer and nature conservationist

Vienna’s experience with the development of green facades
Lecturer: representative of the Austrian Innovation Laboratory for Greenery on Buildings GrünStattGrau, which, as a comprehensive competence centre, promotes innovations for the green and smart city of the future and
puts them into practice.

What to consider when greening the roofs of existing buildings
Lecturer: Ing. Luděk Vejvara, Ph.D., Chairman of the Regional Office ČKAIT Pilsen Authorized engineer for civil engineering and statics & dynamics of buildings, which he designs. He also lectures building structures at the University of West Bohemia in Pilsen.

Green roofs in the urban plan of Říčan
Lecturer: Vladimír Kořen, Czech television publicist, moderator, pedagogue. n roofs in the urban plan of ŘíčanyFrom 2010 to 2020 he was mayor of
the town of Říčany in the Prague-East district.

Using ecological laws to create biodiverse green roofs
Lecturer: Ing. Michal Knapp, Ph.D., Faculty of Environment of ČZU, Department of Ecology, head of the insect ecology team. Ecologist and entomologist interested in promoting insect biodiversity in heavily
human-influenced habitats such as agricultural landscapes and urban environments.

Biosolar green roofs – possibilities and potential
Lecturer: Andreas Dreisiebner (Switzerland), Member of board of directors, Solarspar Solar communities – initiated and supported by Solarspar – are an ideal example of the promotion of sustainable

Blue-green roofs – a technical view
Lecturer: Fiona Wolff, MSc., project manager Bundesverband GebäudeGrün e.V. (BuGG),,

Succession and green roofs
Lecturer: Ing. Eduard Chvosta, deputy director for horticulture at the Secondary School in Jarov. Expert consultant of ZOO Prague in matters of greenery, preparation and implementation of expositions. Supporter of nature-friendly solutions, modern technologies and sustainable solutions with low input and output “energies”.