Green urban infrastructure in Spain

Green urban infrastructure in Spain

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PRONATUR, the Spanish Society for the Promotion of Nature in Urban and Rural Areas, published their Green Urban Infrastructure Report in April 2022.

An interdisciplinary collaboration between companies and civil organizations, constituting the working group Pronatur (, this report on green infrastructure in Spain is combining available information with the perceptions of the actors involved by requesting their opinions, including business people, civil servants, scientists and experts.

Several different aspects were compared to other European works previously published such as the Green Market Report published by the UK, Germany, Austrian and the Czech Republic.

In Spain there were many gaps in obtaining statistical information, which is scattered in terms of green infrastructure projects and works, both locally and regionally. The business fabric is less structured, with difficulty to access information on market strategies. However, in recent decades there has been an encouragement towards green projects, although lagging other countries. For all these reasons, this report is based on green infrastructures in Spain, combining available information with perceptions of the actors involved.

This publication consists of 80 pages with pictures of Spain, and it has a section dedicated to a current vision of a historical situation, municipal scenarios and urban agriculture. Another section is devoted to social perception, through a national survey of scholars and professionals.

Finally, the evolution and trends are exposed, with a case analysis of Madrid. All this taking as a reference Nature-Based Solutions (NBS).