Park Guthaus

Park Guthaus

… a new, vibrant and green public space

The Guthaus project was envisioned to show how a long-abandoned brownfield can be  revitalized and turned into a benefit for the city. In this project, the built-up area was reduced,  greenery was added, playgrounds were installed and rain gardens as well as several impressive green roofs were implemented. The project design combined the expertise of four world class studios – AllesWirdGut, ManMadeLand, raum&kommunikation and Transsolar Klimaengineering. It was envisioned and created by the sustainable developer CORWIN.

Different green roofs were installed on multiple levels:  you can find them immediately above the parking garage, smaller realisations on gazebos and finally extensive and intensive roofs on top of the main building on top of the 8th, 17th and 19th floors.

Green roofs are part of nature based solutions and therefore fulfil important ecosystem services. One of their important functions is rainwater retention.

The Guthaus project combines extensive and intensive green roofs with other fantastic blue-green infrastructure elements such as water–permeable surfaces and rain gardens. These measures manage to catch all the rainwater that falls upon the property and reuse it for irrigation purposes or return it to the natural cycle via infiltration. This way, no water ends up in the sewer system.