Enhancing Environmental Education Through NBS

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Enhancing Environmental Education Through Nature-Based Solutions

New publication about ‘Enhancing Environmental Education Through NBS’ is now available!

Within the 24 chapters the book presents mixed focus of Nature-based solutions with Environmental Education.

Contains a internationally diverse authors giving a global and contextualized perspective of the topic.

Includes technical and educational content, aiming towards the need to disseminate environmental education.

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  • About Environmental Education
  • Environmental Education and its Teaching
  • Environmental Education and Social Engagement
  • Environmental Education and Social Engagement
  • Environmental Education and Nature-Based Solutions

The EFB with the authors Enzi V., Gruchmann-Bernau E., Haymerle I., Peritsch M., Mann G., Dostal P., Gedge D. wrote the chapter

Green Roof and Walls Technology Standardization and Market across Europe

This chapter includes following topics:


State of the Art and Standardization including

  • History of Greening Building,
  • State of the Art technologies
  • Standardizations
  • Innovation and Vision

Green Roof and Wall Markets

  • Green Roof and Wall Market in the Czech Republic
  • Green Roof and Wall Market in Germany
  • Green Roof and Wall Market in Austria



Green infrastructure, Nature based solutions, Natural cooling, Re-naturing cities, Biodiversity, Climate change adaptation, Ecosystem services, Innovation Green market 


Our climate is being particularly challenged by different anthropogenic influences that amplify the negative impacts of climate change. The rising temperatures and the extreme weather events (heat, drought, storms), as well as changes in precipitation patterns, put pressure on ecosystems and urban population. Therefore, Nature-Based Solutions (NBS) on buildings have gained ground in recent years due to their growing importance. As a result, the European Commission adopted the Renovation Wave initiative as part of the European Green Deal to support the capacity of green infrastructures. The study aims to show the strong economic potential of the green market using the examples of Germany, Austria, and the Czech Republic. These research initiatives highlight the importance of market data as a basis for decision-makers. Various relevant framework strategies have been developed to aim towards a more sustainable, resource and energy efficient building sector. According to the green market studies, a dynamic growth is expected for the next years due to rising awareness for the need of climate change adaption measures and investments in NBS. These will be triggered by pro-active strategies of cities who take greening technologies already strongly into account. The successfully implementation of NBS in future requires know-how and constant training and education to recognize innovations and potentials and represent the basis for decision making to environmental issues. Regulations and funding schemes are evolving quickly from these strategies and will push the innovation within the greening sector forward.