2nd Grow & Harvest Call

2nd Grow & Harvest Call

The GROW/HARVEST call intends to stimulate EU-wide collaboration of SMEs to allow them to detect market opportunities and establish partnerships that they are not naturally prone to look for. Cross-border collaborations of 2 or more SMEs from different eligible countries are mandatory.

Two types of collaborative innovation projects with a maximum duration of 6 months are supported:

GROW projects that focus on the co-creation/co-development of technologies for the Construction sector and lead to one of the following outcomes:

• Concept proofed in experiment
• Technology validated in lab
• Technology validated in relevant environment

HARVEST projects that focus on the integration/uptake of existing or underexploited technologies/solutions or technological assets for their reuse/application in the Construction sector and lead to one of the following outcomes:

• System prototype demonstrated in operational environment
• System completed and qualified
• System proofed in operational environment
• System and production routine implemented



1. Monitoring and managing building energy / comfort / health performance in buildings
2. New BIM and digital tools for SMEs

Construction-Nature-Based Solutions

1. NBS system solutions for renovation
2. Digitization of care / maintenance / monitoring for NBS

Construction-Recycling and Circular Economy

1. New recycled building and/or urban fabric materials
2. Digital solutions for the Circular approach in the construction sector

Construction-Additive Manufacturing

1. Waste reuse through integration into large 3D printing processes for the construction sector
2. Integration of new functionalities in construction components by means of 3D printing

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