BuGG Advanced Training Programme on Building Greening

Introductory Seminar on Building Greening [E01_EN]

The German Association of Building Greening „Bundesverband Gebäudegrün e.V. (BuGG)“ just launched their basic seminars on green roofs and facades in English language.

Seminar content
Theoretical basics of greening buildings: General conditions, planning principles for construction and vegetation techniques and characteristics of the most important forms of roof and facade greening; with reference to existing standards and guidelines.

Target groups
Planners, city representatives, members of professional associations and all interested parties who want to familiarise themselves with the topic and want to learn the basics.

Requirements for participation in the examination
Participation in seminars E01_EN and G01_EN or G02_EN. Interest in the topic and willingness to consolidate and expand what has been learned through self-study. In order to pass the exam, you will have to deepen your knowledge with the help of recommended literature, or you will need prior knowledge from your professional career.

The seminars are conducted by our BuGG-instructors, all of whom have many years of experience in the green building industry.


All seminars can be attended individually. Each seminar is accompanied by a certificate of attendance. By attending an introductory seminar and a specialist seminar you qualify for the half-day exam. After passing the exam, you will be awarded the title of „Bugg-Certified Green Roof/Facade Advisor“ in order to be prepared for initial consultations on the basics of building greening.

Seminar fees (Per person, plus VAT.)
BuGG members, members of EFB-Associations and from 2nd person of a company receive a 25 % discount.

Confirmation of participation and certificate
Participants receive a certificate of attendance. In addition, after passing the exam a certificate as „BuGG-Certified Green Roof Adviser“ or „BuGG-Certified Green Facade Advisor“ will be issued.

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Seminar dates will be annouced shortly.

You will be contacted as soon as the dates are fixed.

For more information about the seminar outlines, dates
and registration contact stefan.zeller@bugg.de