Urban Gardening


Society is at a breaking point as far as sustainability is concerned and we need to act, because the degradation of the balances on which nature depends is accelerating uncontrollably.

The word sustainability is present in everything we read and hear. Citizens are increasingly aware that action is needed, however, the focus is on the problem and not on the solutions, and what we can do often remains unclear.

Clearly, much of the necessary action will have to take place in buildings, villages, towns and cities, because they are the Stage of actions that cause the problem and only by changing the Stage will the causes be eliminated, and it is clear that the Stage will have to be greener, both figuratively and literally.

We need nature on the Stage.

At IHT we believe that to have greener cities we need to create the conditions for decentralising the massification of cultivation, waste recovery and rainwater storage, in homes, schools, nursing homes, restaurants, companies, everywhere…

We believe that it is necessary to develop tools that allow citizens to get involved in urban agriculture without having to spend a lot of time (Autonomy), in a pleasant and ergonomic way (Ergonomics), in functional spaces that add value from an aesthetic point of view (Aesthetics), and are as close as possible to the place of consumption (Proximity).

This belief led us to develop CGARDEN, which is a tool that creates the conditions to bring nature into the city and into the home of every citizen.

It is designed to ensure effortless, minimal maintenance and hassle-free plant growing.

It is a 4-in-1 self-contained growing system that contains:

Planting and growing boxes; organic waste composter; rainwater storage; automatic solar-powered irrigation (drip irrigation).

1. Cultivation boxes that allows drainage without loss of substrate; 2. Composting boxes; 3. Water traps that store rainwater and nutrients; 4. Biofilter for mechanical and biological filtration; 5. Automatic solar-powered irrigation kit; 6. Manual watering tap; 7. Flush tube, with level indication; 8. Structure and coating made of premium materials; 9. Convection ventilation that cools the boxes on hotter days; 10. Adjustable feet;

It is a simple and objective way to fight climate change because it reduces energy consumption by eliminating all consumption related to the production, packaging, transport and refrigeration of food, contributing decisively to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. It considerably reduces waste production because it disposes of packaging and allows the use of organic waste for the production of biological fertilisers, which would otherwise have to be sent for treatment. It improves the air quality, contributing to the purification of the atmosphere of the areas where it is integrated. It reduces water consumption because it collects and stores rainwater, which also positively impacts the need to channel rainwater.

Patented, developed and manufactured in Portugal, CGARDEN is a type of modular green roof that meets the needs of autonomy, ergonomics, aesthetics and proximity and can be installed in a wide variety of spaces, such as roofs, balconies, patios, terraces, etc., contributing to the creation of green cities, full of vegetation and biodiversity.


It’s time to act. There is no planet B.


Author: Lara Dias (12/21)