Welcome Slovakia!

Slovakia is now a member of the EFB

The EFB welcomes Slovakia and now proudly counts 14 members within the European Federation.

Slovakia is no longer a grey place in Europe ­čŹÇ


The Slovakian Association for Green Roofs and Green Infrastructure (Asoci├ícia pre zelen├ę strechy a zelen├║ infra┼ítrukt├║ru) became part of the European Federation of Green Roof and Wall Associations on June 9th 2021.

The associations president Branislav Siklienka sees this collaboration as a chance to have more active cooperation between national associations, using the latest knowledge and trends to be able to keep up with climate change and help make their cities more resilient to the negative effects due to climate change.

Two to three years ago green roofs were an unknown concept in the Ministry of the Environment.┬áIt wasn’t until the Recovery Plan woke up policy makers, and today green roofs are part of the measures to retain water and mitigate heat islands in cities. But yet, Slovakia is only at the beginning.

Be part of a positive climate change ­čîŹ and help with own actions to achieve the necessary changes in this area with the competent authorities.
The EFB with the help of all their membering countries can provide you with expert assistance.



Check out the website of our Slovakian member here: Asoci├ícia pre zelen├ę strechy a zelen├║ infra┼ítrukt├║ru | zelenestrechy.org