Can green roofs be successfully implemented in Mediterranean and Semi-Arid climates?

Delivering successful green roofs in Mediterranean and Semi-Arid Climates.

As part of the online seminar series the EFB gave a presentation with the focus on green roofs in arid regions with a specific focus on the successful implementation. Experts from Portugal, Italy and Texas (US) will gave insights on their experience and shared their best practice.

Paulo Palha (PT), CEO of Neoturf, founder of landlab and Vice-President of the EFB explained the main climatic differences between southern and northen Europe, that cause serious consequences on the greenroof design. Furthermore, he focused on the type(s) of green roofs that are appropriate for Mediterranean areas.

One of his main takeaways was to avoid monocultures on green roofs.

Maurizio Crasso (IT), Director of Harpo verdepensile and member of the EFB emphasized the main important factors for green roofs in Mediterranean and semi-arid climates were:

  • Water availability
  • Substrate temperature

Bruce Dvorak (Texas, USA), Associate Professor at the College Station in the Department of Landscape Architecture and Urban Planning focused on delivering successful green roofs in Semi-arid climates in North America. His talk informed the participants which type(s) of green roofs are appropriate for semi-arid regions in that area and what reliable sources for the irrigation of green roofs should be.

The session about green roofs in arid climates is available online!

IH (10/21)