Green Market Report Germany 2020

BuGG-Market Report on Building Greening 2020

Green Roofs, Green Facades and Interior Greening in Germany

Excerpted translation of the original German version

The German Association of Building Greening „Bundesverband GebäudeGrün e.V. (BuGG)“ has published the first BuGG-Market Report on Building Greening 2020 to present the most crucial available figures on roof, facade and interior greening in Germany. It intends to provide politicians, industry, construction participants, media and all other stakeholders with current figures on the building greening market each year. The various data are mostly based on research and surveys by BuGG, without any claim to completeness. The focus of the figures from the building greening market is currently still on green roofs, for which data collection methods are relatively straightforward and data can easily be gathered from members and by city surveys.


Building greening is no longer a niche product. The building greening market is growing and is reflected in a large number of projects. Furthermore, green roofs and facades play an important role as climate adaptation measures, especially concerning heat stress reduction and flash flood prevention.

Table of Contents

1 Preface
2 The Market for Building Greening in Germany
2.1 Green Roofs
2.1.1 Newly Greened Areas in 2019
2.1.2 Developments of the Green Roof Market from 2008 to 2019
2.1.3 Green Roof Inventory, Green Roof National League and Green Roof Index
2.1.4 BuGG City Survey on Municipal Funding and Incentives
2.2 Facade Greening
2.2.1 Newly Greened Areas in 2019
2.2.2 BuGG City Survey on Municipal Funding and Incentives
2.3 Interior Greening
2.3.1 Newly Greened Areas in 2019
2.4 Research and Education Building Greening
3 Summary and Perspectives
3.1 Building Greening Has Arrived
3.2 Building Greening as a Growing and Promising Future Market. Need for Action
4 References
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Below are some key figures. Many more are described in detail in the market report.

– In 2019, 7.217.720 m² of roof area was greenes in Germany
– In Germany, the total of greened roof area over the years has accumulated to approx. 120.000.000 m²
– There was also about 90.000 m² of facade area greened in 2019
– Munich leads the BuGG Green Roof National League with 3.148.043 m² of green roof area
– Stuttgart leads the BuGG-Green Roof National League, based on the green roof index (square meters of green roof per inhabitant), with 4.1 m² of green roof per inhabitant
– The average green roof index is 1.2 m²

Concerning cities with more than 50.000 inhabitants:
– 26 cities or 24% promote green roofs and facades and provide subsidies
– 72% support green roofs indirectly by reducing the stormwater fee if green roofs are present

As an additional service, the market report includes an industry directory that lists more than 50 companies and associations as building greening experts.


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