CROSSInnovationGREEN Project

CROSSInnovationGREEN Project

European Green Market Report

The European Federation of Green Roofs and Walls (EFB) and the Innovation Lab GRÜNSTATTGRAU of Österreichischer Verband für Bauwerksbegrünung set up a mutual market research initiative to generate a comprehensive market report for the greening industry.

Nature Based Solutions & Green Infrastructure – Quo vadis?

As 75% of European population will live in urban areas developing green infrastructures to make them more resilient to climate change impacts is a huge, long-term investment that needs very strong commitment from policy-makers, public and private investors on city, national and European levels.

There is a growing number of scientific studies that show the measurable benefits and multi-dimensional contributions of greening technologies to solve key challenges in the ongoing urbanisation of Europe. This is one important step to accelerate the diffusion of greening infrastructure.

Another essential part to promote green roofs and walls amongst decision-makers is still missing, – a comprehensive market report strongly supported by the European greening industry that illustrates current market trends and future growth. A valid market report will show the growing importance of the greening sector and will support key decision makers to proceed with their greening strategies.