Novi Sad – BiodiverCity

Novi Sad – BiodiverCity

The National Green Roof Association, Serbia is a leader of  “Novi Sad – BiodiverCity” project. Activities are  implemented in partnership with Novi Sad City Library, organization “Public Libraries 2030” from Brussels (Belgium), and the University Library “Svetozar Marković” from Belgrade.

BiodiverCities is a project in the context of the EU Biodiversity Strategy. It aims to enhance civil society participation in local and urban decision-making, leading to building a joint vision of the green city of tomorrow shared among civil society, scientists and policymakers. The project will collect practical examples of how to engage citizens in vision building around urban nature, monitoring, and solutions to improve urban biodiversity. It will also assess how urban green infrastructure can be used to provide local benefits for people and nature and how can it contribute to enhancing regional biodiversity. The BiodiverCities project has invited ten cities to participate in citizen engagement activities that improve urban nature. The cities are Leiden, Palma, Valongo, Stavanger, Vilnius, Sofia, Maribor, Novi Sad, Palermo and Regalbuto. Also Oslo, Varese and Lisbon are committed to closely follow the project.

The main project activities are:

  1. socially responsible forums and debates on protection of environment
  2. participation in workshops on creating “your corner of nature in the city”
  3. participation in a literary, photo and video competition
  4. workshops on familiarizing with plant and animal species

BiodiverCities is funded by a grant of the European Parliament. It is implemented by the Joint Research Centre and DG Environment.

Author: Danica Lacarac (10/2021)