The Swedish Green Roof Handbook

The Swedish Green Roof Handbook – a new updated version

The Swedish green roof handbook is a local adaptation of the knowledge that has been gathered over many years in Sweden, Germany and other parts of the world. The idea with our handbook has been to not only point out how to do but also try to explain how and why a green roof works. The idea has been to provide broader descriptions so as not to force into specific systems but to focus on what you want to get out of your green roof. Just like in most other countries, there are also other building regulations that these green roof rules have to fit into.

In the new updated version of the green roof handbook we have focused on a number of specific challenges, such as stormwater management, woody vegetation on roofs, biosolar roofs and also the fire aspect linked to legislation.

The Green Roof Handbook, is intended to serve as a initial support for anyone interested in planning, designing, installing or managing green roofs of various kinds.

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Author: Tanja Hasselmark Mason