EFB Webinar “Green Roofs for Biodiversity and Beyond: European Perspective”


31. May 2023 @ 16:00 – 17:30
MS Teams

EFB Webinar “Green Roofs for Biodiversity and Beyond: European Perspective”

The European Federation of Green Roof and Living Walls Associations (EFB) represents the umbrella organisation for all Green Roof and Wall Associations in Europe.  Our goal is to spread awareness and available information about green roofs and walls. Therefore, we launched an online webinar series touching upon various topics related to green roofs and walls that are relevant all-around Europe. We want to motivate municipalities, decision and policymakers, city partners, and other important stakeholders to make cities greener and create awareness for this important topic.

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The webinar “Green Roofs for Biodiversity and Beyond: European Perspective will take place on the 31st of May 2023 at 4 p.m. (CET)
At this webinar Nathalie Baumann from Switzerland and Dusty Gedge from the United Kingdom will share their thoughts about biodiversity on green roofs, the current state of green and blue infrastructure in England and Switzerland and the significance of this in the context of the protection of the species and climate change mitigation.
Sponsors of the webinar: 

Leca InternationalDachgrün GmbH6 Fürs Grün GmbH, FOAMGLAS® Cellular glass insulation

The speakers of the webinar:

Nathalie Baumann– Lecturer, Researcher & Consultant at Research Group Green Space Development, Institute of Natural Resource Sciences, Switzerland.​

The promotion of biodiversity in Switzerland’s cities has a long tradition, especially about green roofs. But what is the current state of biodiversity promotion in Switzerland? In the context of green and blue infrastructures, where are we today? What is the significance of this in the context of species protection and promotion? And finally, what is special about the Swiss approach compared to the rest of Europe?

Dusty Gedge– President, European Federation of Green Roof and Living Walls Associations (EFB), United Kingdom.

Delivering biodiversity on green roofs will be increasingly important in England when Biodiversity Net Gain becomes into effect in November 2023. This talk will look at how green roofs need to be delivered for BNG, both in terms of extensive and to a certain extent intensive. The basics of habitat provision at green roof level and the delivery of the metric will be discussed in this presentation. Although this is restrict to England at the moment this issue should be of interest across Europe, in terms of addressing the biodiversity, as well as, the climate crisis.

The webinar will be organised on the MS Teams platform.
The link to the webinar will be sent to all registered participants 2 hours before the event.