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Mapping Green Roofs in Warsaw

Coming soon… Mapping green roofs in Warsaw

Mapping green roofs in cities provides data, that can be transferred into information about benefits and disadvantages green roofs deliver. How do they improve water retention in hectolitres? How does it affect on local water management? How do green roofs affect on reducing energy demand? Air pollution? What are other benefits specific to given region? What is the potential to build green roofs? These and other questions will be taken into consideration in article from Polish Green Roof Association soon, in May. 

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The current development of Green Roof Policies in Porto – What lessons from London?


Green Roofs (GR) are becoming increasingly popular in Portugal due to its many benefits and to the increase of the environmental consciousness of the population and politicians, as well as the work of different academic groups and green roof companies.

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The Open Garden, featuring a semi-intensive rooftop garden, is the seat of the Czech Landscape Gardening Association and the Czech Green Roof Association.

Emerging Green Roof Market in the Czech Republic

Green roofs are enjoying a growing popularity both with the public and with Czech institutions. Recent European discussions of urban green infrastructure as a means of adaptation to climate change have also found fertile ground in the Czech Republic. Building upon previous experience with a national subsidy program, as of 2017, green roofs have been added to a nation-wide subsidy program. The quality of Czech green roofs is being assessed by the recently published Czech green roof standards.

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Green Roof Course

Project completed: 10/2011 –  09/2013   Project Content: The greatest challenge facing the world today Read more …


BioSolar Roof

Biosolar roofs bring all the benefits of green roofs and solar power to play in Read more …


Nature 4 Cities

Launch of the first European project about Nature Based Solutions for renaturing cities Re-naturing cities Read more …