ZEOSZ Zöldtetöepitök Országos Szövetsége


The National Association for Green Roofing (ZEOSZ – Zöldtet?épít?k Országos Szövetsége) was established in 1999 comprising 80 members. Ever since that time, its aim has been to bring together the local experts to discuss the rapid development of green roofing within the domestic market, and also to ensure that international standards are satisfied within the domestic market, as well as, to construct the highest number of aesthetic green roofs possible to achieve.

In order to fulfil its aim stated above, the association organises professional programmes and provides up-to-date information to aid the work of green roofers. Moreover, the National Association for Green Roofing strives through widespread informative programmes to persuade potential investors of the benefits of green roofs, their utility and long-term returns on such investments.

The National Association for Green Roofing welcomes all those: who have a sense of responsibility towards the environment; who have the talent to grasp contemporary solutions; who are willing to make a difference; and last but not least, who have the ability to perceive both the benefits and the potential that green roofs provide.