Zelené střechy (ZeS)


The Czech Green Roof Association (Zelené střechy, ZeS) was founded as a part of the Czech Landscape Gardening Association (Svaz zakládání a údržby zeleně, SZÚZ) in 2013 and currently represents 33 members from the green roof industry. Its members are individuals and companies in the areas of design, landscaping, green roof implementation and materials suppliers, and the association also includes a university research member. The association members actively engage in green construction and promote green roofs and walls in the Czech Republic.

The aims of the association are to:

  •         Support and promote green roofs and green walls as sustainable building technologies and help establish green urban areas
  •         Spread information and disseminate green building knowledge among the public, municipalities, the government and in expert circles
  •         Support working groups and interactions in expert groups, schools, universities and testing centres with the aim of developing and accrediting standards and guidelines for the construction and planning of green roofs and walls
  •         Increase green spaces in the Czech Republic in general
  •         Share and increase knowhow of the association members
  •         Network and transfer knowledge among other associations and organisations abroad
  •         Provide consultancy services
  •         Cooperate with research and producers of materials with the goal of developing best practices in the green roof industry
  •         Present green roofs and walls using effective PR strategies (social networks, media, print, etc.)

The association is currently active in publishing documents on green roofs and walls, compiling standards for construction of green roofs, which are to become a part of the relevant Czech technical norm, and organizing the Green Roof of the Year competition. The association also organizes a number of workshops and excursions for interested stakeholders and participates in thematic fairs, exhibitions and international events.