V.f.B – Verband für Bauwerksbegrünung


The green roof association is a body that represents professionals working with the green roof industry. This includes companies that develop; design, and implement build green roofs and municipalities, guilds, associations and research institutes, with an interest in green roof implementation and development. The VfB was founded in 1991 and has 25 members.

The first aim of the association was to create a standard for the creation of green roofs. In 1993 the green roof guidelines outline accepted techniques for installation and products, provided a legal certainty for planners, buildings owners and companies. Further more tender specifications have been compiled and integrated into the performance description for building construction as a preset item. This is available to everyone and makes tender specifications possible – system and provider being independent.

Between 2000 and 2001 the guidelines were reworked. Since June 2002 they have became valid as ONR 121131 “Quality management in green rooms – green roof guidelines for planning, realisation and maintenance”. The key feature of  ONR 121131 is the evaluation criteria for green roofs that make common adjustments possible.

The promotion of green roofs in Vienna has been adopted at our suggestion, besides that there are certification rules to  ensure quality certainty for green roof systems. Since 1992 long-term tests of membranes have been conducted at Austrian research institutes. The V.f.B. can provide a list  of the long-term tests for such membranes.

We provide:

  • Public promotion of green roofs
  • V.f.B.-green roof guidelines and tender specifications
  • Green roof workshops
  • Downloadable information at www.gruendach.at
  • Financial and functional support for diploma projects