SGRA/SGRI – Scandinavian Green Roof Association/Institute

The objectives of the institute are to promote an increased use of green roofs in Scandinavia, to provide evidence for the positive impact of green roofs on urban ecology, and to provide background material for legislation, building standards, instructions, loan regulations and state grants.

The operation consists of maintaining and running the Augustenborg Botanical Roof Garden, and keeping it open to the general public and specialists. The institute also compiles and disseminates information concerning green roofs, conduct training, and arrange seminars, exhibitions and conferences. An important part of the operation is to build up an international network, and disseminate information concerning developments and experiences in other countries. In addition, the institute initiates, manages, conducts and co-ordinates research projects to study green roofs and their impact on urban ecology. The research programme is conducted in the form of collaborative projects involving universities, university colleges and industry.

Scandinavian Green Roof Institute is owned by the non-profit organisation Scandinavian Green Roof Association. All activities are run for the public good, and to further the objectives of showing how green roofs can mitigate several environmental problems in our communities, and not for private gain.