Associazione Italiana verde pensile (AIVEP)

The Italian Association’s task is to disseminate established expertise and principals for the design and implementation of green roofs.

The association was founded in 1997 to co-ordinate interested parties and resources. This has lead to the dissemination of information, campaigning and education in and for the green roof sector.

The AIVEP is an independent institute and is a technique and moral guarantor to public administrations, professionals, agents and producing companies.

We provide of national and international conferences other activities such as workshops, to provide continuing education in the green roof field. A further aim of the association is to reach out to public administrations centres at both a local and national level.

As of May 2007 the UNI standard for planning, implementation, acceptance and maintenance of green roofs is now enforceable. The AIVEP played an active part in the establishment of the standard.

The members of our association has three membership categories:

  • Regular members
  • Qualified members
  • Experts members

To qualify for the last two membership levels parties need to demonstrate competence through education certification, publication of books, papers and articles that demonstrate a level of expertise relevant to the level.