ASSOCIATION des toitures et façades végétales (ADIVET)

History, Aims:

The ASSOCIATION des toitures et façades végétales (ADIVET) was created in 2003 as a result of a growing awareness of the importance of developing this technique as a way of improving our environment. And so its members wish to contribute to meeting the technical, economic and social challenges of sustainable development by encouraging fruitful exchanges and cooperation, which they consider indispensable between deciders, engineers, contractors, manufacturers, etc.

The aim of ADIVET is to promote and harmonise choices relating to green roofing and walls (historically extensive and semi-intensive green roofing), and to encourage its development as a way of giving nature a place in the cityscape. ADIVET brings together companies within a variety of skills areas recognised in the construction and landscaping worlds, which are all motivated to reflect on, make proposals and take action to further green roofing.

Numerous manufacturers, businesses, local authorities, architects, research organisations, training centres and federations, are involved in this approach. ADIVET’s dynamism takes the form of partnerships with the UNEP, the CSTBand the CSFE, which have long contributed to guaranteeing quality of the association’s approach.